Reflecting on our year’s work

By Ellie Baez on May 22, 2017

This school year has flown by! While we have featured our work on this blog and on social media throughout the year, putting together a quick summary seemed like a good way to reflect and celebrate the successes all at once. A big thank you to all of the partners and individuals who make this […]


A parent empowerment session is coming to a location near you

By Nashville Rise Team on May 15, 2017

The school year is wrapping up, but the Nashville Rise team and parents want to help other parents get prepared for August 2017. What is Nashville Rise, again? Formed in May 2016, Nashville Rise is a parent organization that “informs, empowers, and engages all parents to elevate their voices around increasing access to high-quality educational […]


Developing a Community of Practice

By Justin Testerman on April 19, 2017

  Starting in 2016, Project Renaissance has partnered with District2District to create a Community of Practice among the Chief Academic Officers of Nashville’s public charter schools with the goals of: Learn from each other, from research and from promising practices implemented around the country to design instructional programs that help all students meet the expectations […]


What makes a school great?

By Ellie Baez on April 11, 2017

Time and time again, great schools have more similarities than differences. During the latest Discover Great Schools tour, participants learned that this is the case with Purpose Preparatory Academy Charter School and Cockrill Elementary School. So, what are some of the similarities between these two great Nashville schools? Read on. Three similarities between Purpose Preparatory […]


National Principal Academy Fellowship Recipients

By Justin Testerman on March 20, 2017

In January, Project Renaissance announced it would continue its commitment to investing in strong school leadership by awarding a limited number of scholarships to Nashville school leaders to participate in Relay Graduate School of Education’s prestigious National Principal Academy Fellowship (NPAF) in 2017. We are pleased to announce that we have awarded scholarships to the […]


Teacher Resident Becomes More Independent in the Classroom

By Ellie Baez on March 15, 2017

This blog was originally posted on the Nashville Teacher Residency’s blog. In his first interview last September, JD Skipworth shared how he went from working in a cubicle to applying to become a teacher resident. This career change led JD to not only enjoy and thrive in his work but also join a profession of […]


Student Teaching with NTR Resident Ciana Calhoun

By Ellie Baez on March 9, 2017

This blog was originally post on Nashville Teacher Residency’s website. In her first interview, we learned how teacher resident Ciana Calhoun’s fourth grade social studies teacher made a lasting impact on her life. Now only a few months later, we see that Ciana herself is challenging, supporting and impacting students’ lives at her school Knowledge Academies. […]


Biggest Takeaways from Tour Five

By Ellie Baez on February 28, 2017

Discover Great Schools tour series highlights more great Nashville schools Walking around Nashville Classical Charter School and Head Middle Magnet Prep, you can see the many similarities between these two high-performing schools. Throughout the day, students are engaged in a variety of enriching activities from standard academics to related arts classes. Lead by strong school leaders, […]


The “Why” of Discover Great Schools Tours

By Wendy Tucker on February 15, 2017

On November 11, 2015, Project Renaissance kicked off the Discover Great Schools tour series in Nashville. What is a Discover Great Schools tour? Held every other month, a Discover Great Schools tour features a visit to both a high-performing district-run and a high performing public charter school. During the tour, policymakers, faith leaders, neighborhood leaders […]


Nashville Rise Core Values

By Nashville Rise Team on February 6, 2017

“Our mission statement is the purpose of Nashville Rise. Our vision statement is a more focused look at what we aspire to accomplish. But, where do we look for our daily guidance? Our core values.” – Neonta Williams, Nashville Rise Director As the Nashville Rise team talks to parents across the city, they are looking […]