Biggest Takeaways from Tour Five

By Ellie Baez on February 28, 2017

Discover Great Schools tour series highlights more great Nashville schools Walking around Nashville Classical Charter School and Head Middle Magnet Prep, you can see the many similarities between these two high-performing schools. Throughout the day, students are engaged in a variety of enriching activities from standard academics to related arts classes. Lead by strong school leaders, […]


The “Why” of Discover Great Schools Tours

By Wendy Tucker on February 15, 2017

On November 11, 2015, Project Renaissance kicked off the Discover Great Schools tour series in Nashville. What is a Discover Great Schools tour? Held every other month, a Discover Great Schools tour features a visit to both a high-performing district-run and a high performing public charter school. During the tour, policymakers, faith leaders, neighborhood leaders […]


Nashville Rise Core Values

By Nashville Rise Team on February 6, 2017

“Our mission statement is the purpose of Nashville Rise. Our vision statement is a more focused look at what we aspire to accomplish. But, where do we look for our daily guidance? Our core values.” – Neonta Williams, Nashville Rise Director As the Nashville Rise team talks to parents across the city, they are looking […]


Investing in Strong School Leadership

By Justin Testerman on January 31, 2017

With a new year comes a renewed sense of energy and urgency to work towards our five-year goal of doubling the number of children attending high-quality public schools in Nashville. Project Renaissance has made a focus on creating new pipelines for high- quality teachers and leaders a cornerstone of our efforts. This year we are […]


Let’s Learn from Innovative Schools

By Justin Testerman on December 20, 2016

What our country’s most forward thinking schools tell us about the future of learning Every day across the country, a new generation of schools are offering innovative curriculums, programs and supports to their students. From a deeper emphasis on technology to project-based learning to innovative uses of time and place, these changes are preparing students […]


Parents Share Advice with Teachers Residents

By Courtney Wheeler on December 16, 2016

Students have the greatest success when parents and teachers effectively work together. On Tuesday, December 13, Nashville Rise parents shared advice with 14 teacher residents who are among the city’s newest educators. During one of their bi-weekly teacher preparation classes, Nashville Teacher Residency (NTR) residents had the opportunity to ask questions of three Nashville Rise parents. […]


Nashville Rise Director to Lead Parent Engagement Efforts

By Nashville Rise Team on December 9, 2016

We are proud to announce the addition of our newest staff member, Neonta Williams. Neonta will lead Nashville Rise, which focuses on parent engagement and empowerment. As the Director, she will oversee efforts to inform, empower and engage parents in the education conversation throughout Nashville. After more than two years of community organizing with the national […]


Five Takeaways For Parent Advocates

By Nashville Rise Team on December 8, 2016

On Saturday, December 3, Nashville Rise parents attended a training on high-quality school choices. The day’s training agenda worked to inform, empower and engage parents in several ways and showed them how they can be stronger advocates for high-quality schools in Davidson County. Five takeaways from the training for parent advocates: 1. Keep up-to-date and […]


Nashville Rise Parents Inspire at School Board Meeting

By Nashville Rise Team on November 30, 2016

Last night, Tuesday, November 29, three Nashville Rise parents addressed the Metro Nashville School Board members during the public comments section of the meeting. Going forward, parents plan to address the school board each month to ask for more high-quality school choices in the district and to ensure that parent voice is included in education […]


BAEO Clergy Breakfast: Interview with Neonta Williams

By Courtney Wheeler on November 22, 2016

At Project Renaissance, we are proud to support the work of mission-aligned partners. As we all work towards every child having access to a high-quality education, we know that these partnerships are critical to the work of improving schools in Nashville. Last Thursday, we joined Neonta Williams, the Nashville Community and Family Organizer for Black […]