Developing a Community of Practice

By Justin Testerman on April 19, 2017


Community of Practice

Starting in 2016, Project Renaissance has partnered with District2District to create a Community of Practice among the Chief Academic Officers of Nashville’s public charter schools with the goals of:

  • Learn from each other, from research and from promising practices implemented around the country to design instructional programs that help all students meet the expectations of the standards and assessments.
  • Jointly tackle common instructional challenges – sharing resources, people, and insights into finding common solutions when possible (i.e. developing common assessments and doing common review of student work, joint principal and instructional coach training opportunities, etc.)
  • Deepen personal understanding of the standards and assessments and what we should see in classroom practice.

Once a quarter, representatives from schools across the city have gathered together to participate in sessions focused on specific content areas.

“The Community of Practice has helped us shape how we think about high-quality instruction,” said Lizzie Speaker, Director of Curriculum and Instruction of Nashville Classical Charter School. “The most helpful takeaways have been from schools with more years of experience and schools who are currently educating middle schoolers. As we ramp up to open our middle school, it has been invaluable to observe and learn from high-performing schools.”

The Community of Practice sessions are designed to encourage conversation, collaboration and problem-solving in the education community.