Nashville Rise Core Values

By Nashville Rise Team on February 6, 2017

Core Values

“Our mission statement is the purpose of Nashville Rise. Our vision statement is a more focused look at what we aspire to accomplish. But, where do we look for our daily guidance? Our core values.” – Neonta Williams, Nashville Rise Director

As the Nashville Rise team talks to parents across the city, they are looking for parents who are not only excited and passionate about high-quality schools for all children but also parents who identify with their five core values: (1) Children are Intelligent (2) Urgency (3) Parent Focused (4) Unapologetic (5) Strong & Respectful Relationships.

What do these core values mean to the Nashville Rise team? Check it out for yourself.

Children are Intelligent
“Children are gifts! Despite the challenges that we know exist, I wholly believe that when children are placed in positive and supportive learning environments, the possibilities are endless. As adults, it is our responsibility to create these environments so that children can reach their full potential.”
Neonta Williams, Director

“For the last 10 years, I have been hearing the same issues about schools. We need to stop talking and start acting. Kids are our future doctors, teachers and mechanics. If they are not proficient in reading or math, how will they reach these futures? As a mother of two girls, I feel the urgency every day. And I am looking for other parents that feel it too.”
Allison Simpson, Lead Organizer

Parent Focused
“Nashville Rise is leading the way in parent-focused and parent-driven advocacy work. Our parents not only appreciate Nashville Rise’s focus on parents’ opinions and input, but the transparency we provide as well. Nashville Rise parents are passionate about empowering other parents who surround them on a daily basis. This unique environment allows us to have a bigger impact on outcomes for students.”
Ariba Qureshi, Organizer

“We are not apologizing for the work we are doing. We are organizing parents so that their kids and all kids have access to high-quality schools. We aren’t waiting on the future. We want all families and their students to have access to high-quality schools now.”
Allison Simpson, Lead Organizer

Strong and Respectful Relationships
“Nashville Rise values relationships with community partners and parent advocates. We want all kids to graduate career and college ready. Though we may not always agree on how to get there, through open and respectful dialogue and relationships, we know that we can make this happen together.
Neonta Williams, Director

Follow Nashville Rise’s advocacy work, access resources and find new ways to get involved, by visiting its website, Stay tuned for more on Nashville Rise’s work.