Only 1 in 5 Nashville children attend a high-quality school.
Over two-thirds are unprepared for college when they graduate.

Our kids deserve better—join Nashville Rise and make a change.


Inform. Empower. Engage.

Nashville Rise, with commitment and consistency, will inform, empower and engage parents across Davidson County.

Our Vision

We will build a network of empowered parents through training and leadership development, collaborating to influence and increase high quality in schools for children in all of Davidson County.

As advocates for effective instruction for all students, and in an effort to close the achievement gap, we will focus on giving cultural diversity importance in building parent-staff relationships. Recognizing that every student and family has different needs, we will strive to help schools to care for students and families holistically by bridging the connection with outside resources and programs for success.

Parent Engagement

Nashville Rise’s first series of trainings focused on topics like the roles and responsibilities of local and state board members, effective parent-teacher conferences and civic engagement. Parents discussed how we will engage and empower 10,000 Nashville parents during the next five years. Also, to drive parent engagement in the education conversation, Nashville Rise hosted a 2016 school board candidate forum to give parents the opportunity to ask questions. To watch our three “Self Rising” training sessions or the candidate forum, click on the links below.





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Parent Spotlight

Nashville Rise is only as strong as the parents who commit to our vision of increasing high quality in schools throughout Nashville. We regularly highlight network members who go the extra mile to help others understand the importance of our cause.

Want to share your own experience? Tell us your story.

Victoria Gordon, Nashville Rise Parent Captain

“It wasn’t until Malik came that I realized I needed to advocate for this child…So, I advocate for Malik, and not just for Malik, but for everyone. That is why I came to Nashville Rise because I can advocate for every child.”


Laura Wells

“If we can educate and empower parents around these resources, then it will enable those parents to take action and they can advocate for their children.”


Dawn McFarland

“I am that mother of three children that attended Metro Nashville Public Schools and my story is definitely a story of one size does not fit all.”


Renee Wohlfarth

Renee’s three daughters chose different schools based on their specific needs. To her, quality means enough autonomy that teachers feel empowered to reach out and help children beyond the school doors, customized curriculum to keep students engaged, and a place where ALL staff make every student feel comfortable.

Chris Jones

“Now, I understand fully the importance of quality education. My daughter attends Nashville Classical…We knew that if [she] had this opportunity now, that so many more doors would be opened to her in the future. Education is the key to life.”

Coach Ronald Ballet

“I experienced first-hand what happens to children who are never given an opportunity to receive a quality education…that is the reason I decided to become a youth football coach…I wanted to be a role model for young men in my community.”