National Principals Academy Fellowship: Eno Richardson

By Ellie Baez on July 31, 2017

This year Project Renaissance awarded six scholarships to Nashville school leaders to attend the National Principal Academy Fellowship (NPAF) at the Relay Graduate School of Education (Relay) in 2017. This summer our six Relay National Principals Academy fellows kicked off their year-long program with two weeks in Denver attending intensive classes and practice sessions. During this year-long fellowship, each fellow learns more about a variety of topics including strategic leadership, data-driven instruction, observation and feedback, adult professional development, instructional planning, building an aligned staff culture, and creating a culture of high expectations for students. During the upcoming weeks, we will share more on who these school leaders are and their experiences so far in the fellowship.

In the first installment of this blog series, Liberty Collegiate Academy’s Eno Richardson shares her experiences a couple months into the fellowship.

Tell us a little about you. My name is Eno Richardson (formerly Sekyere). I am the assistant principal for upper middle school (7th and 8th grades) at Liberty Collegiate Academy, which is part of the Republic Charter Schools network. Before teaching 7th grade English at Liberty, I taught 9-12th grade ELL at Overton High School, 6th grade social studies and English at Apollo Middle School, and 8th grade ELL at Apollo Middle School.

Prior to beginning the National Principals Academy Fellowship, what did you hope to learn from the fellowship? I was hoping that the National Principals Academy Fellowship would give me training on how to be an effective principal.

Can you briefly describe the fellowship, and highlight what you have found most useful?The fellowship consists of practice-based instruction on several aspects of school management including culture, data-driven instruction, observation and instruction feedback, organization, and interacting with the Common Core State Standards. The most useful aspects of the fellowship are interacting with exemplars, watching videos of great leaders and teachers utilizing the techniques and having the opportunity to immediately implement our lessons through practice.

Can you give a few examples of how you will use information learned while leading your school during the 2017-2018 school year? I have been given many resources that I plan to use throughout the year. One being my “feedback cheat sheet.” This is a one pager that allows me to quickly synthesize data collected from teacher observation into simple action steps to help propel teachers in their practice. Another is the organization and management resources that we received in order to help us maximize our time and stay on top of our calendars and daily agendas.

Any other takeaways for others that may be interested in applying for the fellowship?Whether you are new principal or veteran principal, the NPAF allows you to fine tune your skills, learn best practices that can be immediately applied, and it gives you the opportunity to network and collaborate with great leaders around the nation.

To learn more about the fellowship, visit Relay’s National Principals Academy Fellowship. To read other perspectives on the National Principals Academy Fellowship, visit our blog again next week!