Through our four core strategies, we’ll help drive big improvements in Nashville’s public education system.

Empowered parents, supportive policy, effective educators, and great schools are the building blocks of stronger public education for Nashville’s children.

We will launch a grassroots focused initiative called Nashville Rise. Nashville Rise is a coalition of thousands of parents who want more great schools for our city’s children.


We advocate for supportive policy.

Over the next five years, we’ll build relationships between stakeholders and policymakers. Together, we will remove barriers to excellence and promote policies that support great schools.

With the development of the Nashville Teacher Residency and partnerships with other proven teacher preparation programs, we’ll form a greater pool of talent. By the year 2020, we’ll help recruit 400 new teachers annually to lead our city’s students with commitment and fervor.


We create and support great schools.

The heart of Project Renaissance’s strategy will be an intensive effort to significantly increase the number of great public schools in our city. By 2020, we’ll double the number of Nashville students in high-quality schools, recruit successful, model organizations to grow our vision, and develop, incubate, and fund new school options.



We’re on our way to building stronger schools for Nashville’s children.

But we need your help. Consider visiting a high-quality school, joining our community, or attending an event.